Classic Auto Wash:
Local Roots And A Global Vision

In 1987, when Classic Auto Wash president Todd Christopher and his parents Phil and Norma Christopher first opened for business, they dedicated themselves to providing their friends and neighbors Downriver with a world class car wash.

This is a commitment that Todd Christopher and the entire Classic team carry on today. We’ve taken great pride in outfitting our tunnel with the most advanced equipment that the global carwash industry has to offer. In fact, there are very few areas of our tunnel that aren’t retooled and re-engineered every 2-3 years.  Todd has traveled thousands of miles visiting other carwashes and attending trade shows to find the best technology available, so we could bring it to our customers in Allen Park.

Dryer Cars

When the carwash industry couldn’t provide us with the right equipment to do the job, we went out and developed our own.  For example, we never thought it made sense to have employees standing outside on a frigid Michigan winter day hand drying cars. This didn’t seem fair to the employees -- and it sure wasn’t good for the car.

We believe that a car that goes through a professional tunnel should come out dry without toweling. When we realized none of the dryers on the market could do this job, we engineered our own Drying System.  With 3 million BTU of heat and 165 HP of drying force, our system turns out the driest cars in the industry, which is why other carwashes have purchased the rights to it for their sites.

Faster Service

We also have a patent pending on our exclusive Tire Shine Process , and we were one of the first carwashes in the country to use the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal™,  because we wanted to offer our customers the time-saving convenience of self-pay transactions.

Taking this concept a step further, we saved our customers even more time by introducing the first FastPass System and automatic monthly pass plan to Downriver. We dedicated so much effort to creating a user friendly self-pay station that we’ve been asked to conduct seminars on the topic at the car wash industry’s national trade show. We’ve also been honored by the industry’s leading trade magazine for our innovations.

This recognition is nice, but what really matters to us is you, our Downriver neighbor. We believe that the people of this area deserve a world class car wash, and at Classic Auto Wash, we’re dedicated to giving it to them.

Did you know that before they were introduced to the market many new vehicles, such as the original Ford Explorer, were first tested for “washability” at Classic Auto Wash.

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