The Classic Auto Wash Hot Air Drying System

After going through a carwash tunnel, you shouldn’t have to wait at the exit while a couple of harried employees try (without much success) to dry your vehicle.  After all, you just paid good money to get your car washed and dried – and if the tunnel had a “dryer” why do you have to wait around for towel drying? Isn’t that what the tunnel’s dryer was supposed to do in the first place?

 There has to be a better way…

And there is! It’s called the Classic Auto Wash Hot Air Drying System.  This patented drying system developed by our president Todd Christopher heats air with 3 million BTU heater. (The average home in the Midwest uses a heater between 60 and 80 BTUs, according to Duke Energy.)  Our drying system directs this heated air directly on to your vehicle with a 165 horsepower blower.

This combination of heated air and a powerful directional blowing force leaves your car bone dry when it exits our tunnel without requiring towel drying.

Aside from saving you valuable time, our Hot Air Drying System protects your car by:

  • Eliminating the risk of surface scratching that can result from towel drying

  • Avoiding unsightly water spots on vehicle and glass surfaces

When it comes to the ultimate in drying, don’t settle for anything less for your vehicle.

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