FastPass Plan

Protect your vehicle, keeping it looking great every day and simplify your family budget with the Classic Auto Wash FastPass Unlimited Monthly Plan.  Use this pass to come in as often as you want and have your vehicle receive the best car wash Downriver.

Visit us every day, every week or whenever you please – it doesn’t matter, you pay only one low price a month. It’s like having your own personal car wash waiting for you whenever you want to clean your vehicle.

Classic Auto Wash offers a variety of unlimited monthly passes to fit every budget.  
Click here to see our menu of pass options. 

No more fumbling through your pockets looking for that $5 bill you know is there somewhere. No more wondering if you should pay for a carwash because it might rain later in the week. Our monthly pass plan makes it easy and convenient to get the wash you want when you want it --- your way.

Order Your Unlimited Monthly Pass Online Now!

Here’s how the Classic Auto Wash FastPass Unlimited Monthly Plan works:

  1. Use your credit card to enroll in the program. This will entitle you to unlimited washes during the month.
  2. We will put a FastPass Tag on your windshield. This tag will be used to identify your vehicle.
  3. When you pull up to our self-pay station, FastPass will recognize your vehicle’s monthly pass status and send it through for a great wash.
  4. At the start of every month, your credit card will be charged automatically to renew you pass membership. You can opt out of the Classic Auto Wash Unlimited Monthly Pass program at any time by notifying us. Opt-outs take effect on the start of the new month.
  5. There are no restrictions on how often you can take your car in to Classic Auto Wash, but the monthly pass sticker is not transferable between vehicles.

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